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Shirley Walle replied to Shirley Walle's discussion Enamel chipping off of torch-fired enameled copper tube in the group ASK THE EXPERTS
"Hello, Candy. I don't have with me just an end cap at present, but here is a quick scan of a completed piece. The bottom and middle pieces are soldered and un-enameled - they show firescale and nice patina; the top piece (the two-toned green…"
13 hours ago
Charles Winkel commented on Charles Winkel's photo


"Thank you Trish, both you and Chris have been great supporters. Chris's comment mad me laugh. I have shown it at a couple of small shows, and have received the same comment. it makes me laugh, or makes me smile. Thank you both."
14 hours ago
Candy Smith replied to Shirley Walle's discussion Enamel chipping off of torch-fired enameled copper tube in the group ASK THE EXPERTS
"Could you show us a photo of your end cap? I don't get a good feel for how thick it is or how big. I find that items with uniform thickness fire best so that heating and cooling are uniform over the piece."
14 hours ago
Shirley Walle replied to Shirley Walle's discussion Enamel chipping off of torch-fired enameled copper tube in the group ASK THE EXPERTS
"Hi, Gabor. Thank you for your reply and information. I am using a torch for this process, as well as the immersion technique to apply the enamel. The tube is crimped on one end with a hole drilled for a jumpring. There is an end cap slipped over the…"
15 hours ago
Shirley Walle replied to Shirley Walle's discussion Enamel chipping off of torch-fired enameled copper tube in the group ASK THE EXPERTS
"Thank you for your reply and suggestions, Charles. I usually don't have chips on the tube itself - the chips ping off of the end cap that slips over the tube. I wouldn't be able to counter enamel the inside of the end cap because it would…"
15 hours ago
Gabor Forgo replied to Shirley Walle's discussion Enamel chipping off of torch-fired enameled copper tube in the group ASK THE EXPERTS
"I am using a kiln instead of a torch. Often when I work with copper tubes I first cover the upper half of the tube, use a horizontal support to hold it in the kiln Then fire. After cooling I clean the lower half and put the enamel on it and…"
15 hours ago
Charles Winkel's photo was featured


9" X 16" Kiln fired porcelain enamel on hammered 22 gage cold rolled steel
19 hours ago
Trish White commented on Charles Winkel's photo


"OMG! Charles, this is such a fabulous piece!"
19 hours ago
chris hierholzer commented on Charles Winkel's photo


"Hey Charles....this one makes me smile! :)"
Charles Winkel replied to Shirley Walle's discussion Enamel chipping off of torch-fired enameled copper tube in the group ASK THE EXPERTS
"You can put counter enamel into the tub. Make a wet slurry pour into the tube quickly and dry. Another problem you might have is applying the enamel to thick. You must use the thinnest of applications, and remove when you reach temperature. The tub…"
Charles Winkel posted photos
Shirley Walle replied to Shirley Walle's discussion Enamel chipping off of torch-fired enameled copper tube in the group ASK THE EXPERTS
"Hi, Trish. Thank you for your reply. Sorry for the confusing post - kind of how my mind works sometimes. You are correct - I am using anywhere from 4 to 7 layers of enamel. The copper tube is appx. 22 ga, the end cap 18 ga. About 50% of the ones…"
Trish White commented on Jean Tudor's photo

Pedro Nel's Pathway.

"Love this series!"
Jean Tudor's photo was featured

Pedro Nel's Pathway.

Medellín, Colombia series. Stencil, sgraffito, inlaid silver foil. 10"w x 8"h. Copper base.
Trish White replied to Shirley Walle's discussion Enamel chipping off of torch-fired enameled copper tube in the group ASK THE EXPERTS
"Hi Shirley, You have listed a lot of different things you have done with the enamels so its hard to differentiate where the problem lays but from what I read, if I am correct in what I am reading, you are applying 4 layers of enamel - if that is…"
Candy Smith replied to Shirley Walle's discussion Enamel chipping off of torch-fired enameled copper tube in the group ASK THE EXPERTS
"You're welcome, Shirley."


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My First Attempt on a Clock, Would Love Feedback, Critism is Greatly Appreciated 4 Replies

Still have yet to mount the hands on the clock, but this was my final product, lots of learning curves with this one. So i am hoping the next one should be smooth sailing in theory.Continue

Started by Shawn D. Grezaffi. Last reply by Shawn D. Grezaffi on Monday.

Sharpie ink on sifter mesh? 2 Replies

I just received an order of 80-mesh sifters from Lonnies, and am appalled to see that they wrote 80 across the mesh of each sifter with what appears to be a Sharpie pen. Has anyone else run into this?I'm concerned that the enamel might flake away…Continue

Started by Rikki Mitman. Last reply by Trish White Jan 22.

Can you solder over eutectic solder? 1 Reply

I am wanting to make some copper bangles but prefer a seamless bangle as opposed to a riveted bangle.  Somewhere I heard that you can enamel over eutectic solder.  Is this true?  Will eutectic solder hold up and accept a coat of enamel over it?  Any…Continue

Started by Delia Stone. Last reply by Jean Wilkinson Jan 17.

Kujaku enamels and old suppliers of now discounted yellows from Schauer and Milton bridge

Hi, I am looking for stocks of enamels no longer available. If anyone has some, they want sell, or know where I can source some, please let me know.I am interested in kujaku Japanese enamels and discontinued yellows, ambers and golds from schauer…Continue

Started by Jean Wilkinson Jan 17.

Copper Alloys 2 Replies

Has anyone found a source for a variety of copper alloys? I came across an old sheet of copper and used it for an etching project. The color of the copper on the finished enameled piece was quite different then my regular stock. More like silver. I…Continue

Started by Cathy Hazel. Last reply by Trish White Jan 16.

Recommended Brushes for Wet Packing 10 Replies

I've just started to experiment with wet packing, and I'm having difficulty with getting a smooth layer for firing -- lots of hills and valleys!    I've tried adding more water to spread it around, and while that helps the coating of enamel is still…Continue

Started by Pam Haidenger-Bains. Last reply by Trish White Jan 10.

Scalex use 3 Replies

I'm having difficulty in getting Scalex to work consistently.  I paint it on copper where I want to avoid oxides, put enamel on the other side, let it dry and fire.  The scalex is supposed to flake off after cooling (with no oxidation), but…Continue

Started by Jamie. Last reply by Jon Light Jan 9.

How do I do this? 13 Replies

Hi I'm a beginner, I want to cut out my own copper shapes to make enamel pendants, i'm wondering if there is a way I can attach a piece of tube or half a jump ring to the back of the piece to make a pendant instead of drilling a holethanksJill Continue

Started by jille. Last reply by Delia Stone Jan 7.

Enameling over Liver of Sulfer 2 Replies

I was to experiment with some basse taille enameling.  I intend to create the pattern using a rolling mill, and I I would like to bring out the pattern by darkening the recesses.   I would normally use liver of sulpher to darken the piece and then…Continue

Started by Pam Haidenger-Bains. Last reply by Pam Haidenger-Bains Jan 3.

Can you tumble polish Cloisonne? 8 Replies

I read somewhere before where an artist said you could tumble polish cloisonné jewelry but I've not found any information on that to confirm that this is a safe practice.  Has anyone here had any experience with this?  Do you recommend it, recommend…Continue

Started by Delia Stone. Last reply by Wendy Edwards Dec 27, 2014.


"Art is not what you see but what you make others see" Edgar Degas


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        Painting with Enamels Workshop

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Call to Artists for “Garden of Earthly Pleasures”

March 6-April 18, 2015

Florida CraftArt announces a call to artists for an open, juried exhibition which will be held March 6-April 18, 2015 in the Florida CraftArt Exhibition Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL. This exhibit invites fine craft artists to interpret the theme indicated in the title of the exhibition. This call is open to all Florida artists who work in craft mediums (glass, clay, jewelry, paper, wood, metal, fiber, mixed media). Non-craft mediums like painting and photography are not eligible. All work must be original and created by the artist within the past 2 years.

 Deadline for entry: Saturday, January 31, 2015 by midnight

Send your entry or entries  to


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Welcome to Art Jewelry magazine's Monthly Design Challenge!

This month's theme is REBIRTH

Submit your jewelry photo(s) by Friday, January 31st — two image entries per person. 
Please share a short description of how your photo entry fits the theme, Rebirth. 

The winner will be chosen on Monday, February 2nd and contacted via email to choose an upcoming design challenge theme. To get started, click the "Submit your photo" tab.

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Art Jewelry Design Challenge - Rebirth

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Mark Diamond


  I was born in Chicago around the middle of the last century.  After high school,  I entered the University of Arizona and majored in literature with a concentration in medieval literature and a minor in classics.  A friend in Tucson owned a studio where he produced southwestern style jewelry. After classes I started going to his shop where he taught me some basic metalsmithing processes and I was hooked. 

 I loved the technical challenges and feel of working with metal.  I left school after pulling a high draft lottery number, and traveled for a year in Europe and Great Britain.  During my travels, I became interested in the romanticism of castles and ruins, as well as early weaponry that I saw in museum collections. These interests, along with my involvement in early literature and mythologies, provided life long sources of inspiration for my work.  Upon returning to the states, I decided to take an apprenticeship with a jeweler in San Francisco.  After about three weeks of basically repairing his roof, I left and attempted to apprentice to a member of the fledgling Baulinas Craft Guild.  While this didn’t work out either, this is where I first became aware of enamel. 

 One of the guild members was using opaque torch fired enamel on his jewelry.  Crude as it was, I thought it was pretty cool.  It seemed to be a great way to get color and two dimensional imagery on a three dimensional metal object.   Upon returning to Tucson to finish my degree, I found that the university had started a metalsmithing program run by Michael Croft.  Michael was an excellent artist and instructor and was just becoming interested in using enamel.  He helped me as much as possible and through a lot of trial and error, I gained some proficiency.  Extremely helpful as well was a week long workshop I took with Margaret Seeler.  I finished my Literature degree, a BFA, and a BA in Art History and enrolled in graduate school at Arizona State University.  The first day there, my professor told me that enamel was an invalid medium. By this time I had bought a kiln, a bunch of enamel and invested a lot of time learning the process, so this didn’t sit well.  The first piece I made was a set of enameled enameling tools.  Things went downhill from there and I was asked to leave. I enrolled at the University of Houston to finish my MFA under Val Link, another great instructor and smith, who allowed me the freedom to explore and develop.

     I spent ten years after graduation in Houston, where I found a strong and supportive community of artists as well as a vibrant gallery and museum presence.  During this time, I was concerned with developing imagery and personal symbolism, as well as integrating the enameled elements with other elements in the piece to form a cohesive object. On a number of the pieces I make, such as the scepter and chalice series, enamel is used as an intimate detail often on the underside of the base of the piece.  The enameled elements are not apparent unless someone is involved with the piece and examines all aspects.


     From Houston, my wife and I moved to Crested Butte, Colorado, population 1,200 people and probably 3000 dogs, 9,000 feet up in the Rockies.  There we opened a contemporary craft media gallery and I maintained a studio producing jewelry and sculpture.  I also found a parallel career in wilderness and remote emergency services.  I worked as a team leader and training officer for Crested Butte Mountain Rescue.  We covered Gunnison County, a vast area stretching from Snowmass Mountain to the north and the Black Canyon to the south and west.  We preformed high angle rescues, avalanche rescues and recoveries, scree evacuations, and search and recovery missions.  I was also a firefighter working in both urban and wilderness settings.

  We now live in Portland, Oregon where I continue to maintain a studio and work as a professional ski patroller at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood. All in all not a bad balance.


Timberline 23 Below zero


Call For Artists

Call for Entries: California Now – Clay, Glass & Enamel Juried Exhibition

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Artist Opportunities from FSG ~ 

The Northeast Chapter would love to see everybody at Winter Workshop ... but the truth is, we only have a few spaces left.  Don't miss out - check our website for information and a downloadable an application at 

Cloisonne Enamel with Linda Darty,

Stoned & Cuffed (hydraulic press) with Joanne Hernandez,

Woven Metal with Jeanie Pratt (Grains of Glass current Featured Artist),

Pewter Fabrication with Lisa Slovis Mandel,

Line + Link (forging design + creative chain links) with Paulette Werger.

Questions? Email us







We're looking for a few great jewelry pieces!

The Art Jewelry staff is hard at work getting three galleries of work together for our next additions to the Art Jewelry Techniques app -- we want to show beginner jewelry makers what results are possible with masterful and creative application of some basic jewelry-making skills. Right now, we're looking at work that highlights the following techniques:

  • Texturing (This can be anything from hammered texture to scribed texture, to roll-printing. As long as your metal surface is rich and dimensional!)

  • Dapping and Swaging

  • Sawing and Piercing

Obviously, these are huge fields -- so there's lots of room for artists who experiment with new ways to produce the results they desire. We're going to narrow the field down to nine select jewelry pieces for each gallery.

Submit your work: Three categories, three editors!

Submit your Texturing images to Annie Pennington

Submit your Dapping/Swaging images to Theresa Abelew

Submit your Sawing/Piercing images to Hazel Wheaton

Hazel Wheaton
Editor, Art Jewelry



FOR THOSE OF YOU unfamiliar with this technique of Enamel Art


PLEASE allow me to re-introduce Master Artist







Mauricette Pinoteau is an enamelist living in Limoges. She specializes in  relief  technique, she learned this technique at the very famous " Atelier Camille Fauré "in Limoges ,during the 70's .
Mauricette is one of the only two living enamelists  that  studied  with  the  Masters  the secret  of  the  relief  technique.
Today she masters this almost magical style of enameling wich seems to defy the logic of enamelling.
She works and sells her work in her own gallery in the same town of Limoges.


Mauricette has provided us with a file to watch how this technique is done. 


Also,  go to Notebook 1, "Fauré Techniques" to read all about Camille Fauré and his studio.


















$1.00 is all it takes to support the web site.
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GOLD - $1,189.20
PLATINUM - $1,226
SILVER- $16.39



- Check the WORKSHOP tab for links to the schedules of more artist workshops in your area….



January 11- 16


   18th Annual
  Winter Workshop
       January 11 - 16, 2015
Linda Darty - Cloisonne Enamel
Joanne Hernandez - Hydraulic Press
Jeanie Pratt - Woven Metal
Lisa Slovis Mandel - Pewter Fabrication
Paulette Werger - Line + Link
Winter Workshop Team:
Sid Sharples    Chris Carlson    Terry England
Florida Society of Goldsmiths Northeast Chapter




Jan. 9-11 - Goggleworks, Reading Pa

Jan. 16-18 - LittletonStudio School, New Hampshire


March 21-22 

Granulation on Enamel

Metalwerx, Waltham, Ma



MAY  28-31 Mendocino Art Center

Mendocino, CA



Jan. 17-18

Thompson Enamel, Bellevue, KY



APRIL 13-17  

Creative Side Jewelry Academy, Austin, Texas



May 9-10

Snow Farm, Williamsburg, MA



June 22-28


Grunewald Guild, Leavenworth, WA



FEB. 2-6





March 21, 22,23, 2015

Cloisonné Workshops






A Quest for the Best

The 33rd Annual Smithsonian Craft Show 2015
April 22, 2015 to April 26, 2015
National Building Museum, 401 F St., NW, Washington DC

TIME OUT......

Places to go-People to see!







Pasadena Bead and Design Show Brochure

View and print the new brochure in color (PDF 14MB) or in black & white (PDF 6.4MB).

Pasadena Bead & Design Show begins 10am Thursday, January 15th, and goes through Sunday the 18th.

Details on workshops here and exhibitors here.

300 booths, galleries, merchant displays showcasing beads, jewelry supplies,  jewelry, gemstones, clothing, textiles, one-of-a-kind works of art, and vintage items.

Fast and easy online attendee registration register online now for expedited entry. | (530) 274-2222

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Watauga Festival Center
426 Watauga Rd.
Franklin, NC
The Newark Museum
49 Washington St.
Newark, NJ
A permanent exhibition of masterworks from the museums's extensive jewelry holdings dating back from the early 1700's to 2011.



Liza Nechamkin -

hand spun copper and fine silver bowls - hand made chasing tools.


 Medium temp/medium expansion

Most colors in stock 10% discount to GOG Members
 if you buy from Jean!

A donation will be made to GOG with every purchase.

Use Etsy code gog10 at checkout

Ships in 24 hrs

Contact: Jean Van Brederode, Thompson distributor

Phone: 717-919-7444




A dvd using a rare and beautifull technique that chris hierholzer has developed using sgrafitto with fine gold foil using a torch to fire instead of a kiln. the enamel is wet packed. it has lots of intructional and easy to read text and limited audio with optional torch set ups at the end.

 Torch firing is a perfect way to fire enamels for those with limited space and can't afford the high cost of a kiln.

click on: Ganoksin

or order through:

 coral shaffer
enamelwork supply co.
1 800 596 3257
1 206 525 9271



Thompson's Vintage

Milton Bridge


Mention Grains of Glass when ordering-


Pam East's Enameling on Silver Clay DVD


Hauser & Miller Inc.

Hauser and MillerBi-metal Sheet and Discs


A layer of 18k gold alloy with a rich yellow color or 22k gold alloy with a bright yellow color is bonded with sterling silver to form two distinct surfaces. The 18k gold layer is similar to that of most gold-filled products, while the 22k is two to three times thicker than gold-filled, giving it more workability. Surface treatments, such as engraving, scraping, folding, and twisting, can be used to accent the two surfaces.


Contact us: Hauser & Miller, 1-800-462-7447,


A Safe Way to Pickle!




DVD by Jim Lawson

Lapidary Journal


2012 Jewelers Guide to Treated and Created Gems





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