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Argentina, Australia,Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cuba, Denmark, England, Estonia Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, Italy, India, Indonesia Iran, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Jamaica, Macedonia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, , Poland,Portugal, Puerto Rico, Republic of Georgia, Republic of Korea, Romania,  Russia, Senegal,Serbia, Singapore,  Slovakia Republic, , St. Johns, St. Lucia-V.I., Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan,Trinidad & Tobago,Turkey, UK, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela, Wales



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"Hi Jon, At first I'm sorry that I answer only today. But I was for a few days "hors de combat“. Thank you for your friendly comment. Those "Pebble-chains" were in many exhibitions a runner.…"
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"Streaming Turquoise" pin/pendant

Cloisonne enamel on fine silver; 24k gold foil; 22k gold granulation; turquoise; diamonds
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"Tamara, This is awesome - how did you make the bicycle? is is gold or silver?"
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Selling all my enamels and enameling equipment

This is probably of interest only to those in the northeastern United States. I am selling everything I own related to enameling, and I would very much like to find a good home for it.  For details, please see http://enamel4sale.wordpress.comThank you,HervSee More
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"Absolutely love it!"


We can now translate your questions in:


FRENCH: si vous ne parlez pas anglais vous pouvez poser votre question sur l'émaillage en français dans la boite de discussion ci-dessous. Un membre    la traduira en anglais pour les autres membres,  les réponses vous seront aussi traduites

ITALIAN: Se non parlate inglese, scrivere la tua domanda in italiano sulla smaltatura in  la casella di discussione   qui sotto e   
un membro sarà la traduzione in inglese  per gli altri membri, le risposte sarà anche tradotto

GERMAN: Wenn Sie nicht Englisch sprechen und eine Anfrage über Email stellen möchten, schreiben Sie Ihre Frage auf Deutsch im Forumbox unten
Die Frage  wird von ein Forummitglied  ins Englische übersetzt . Die Antworten werden für Sie auch ins Deutsche übersetzt werden


Selling all my enamels and enameling equipment

This is probably of interest only to those in the northeastern United States. I am selling everything I own related to enameling, and I would very much like to find a good home for it.  For details, please see …Continue

Started by Herv Peairs yesterday.

Uhlig spare parts 2 Replies

Anybody knows where I can buy spare heating element for my Uhlig U15 kiln? My kiln died last night and I have lots of work to finish :/Thank youR.Continue

Started by Rudolf Molnar. Last reply by Doris Schmidt Sep 12.

Enamel buttons 2 Replies

What kind of special care would be needed for enamel buttons? Are they practical?

Started by Cheryl Thorpe. Last reply by Cheryl Thorpe Sep 8.

Can you tumble polish Cloisonne? 6 Replies

I read somewhere before where an artist said you could tumble polish cloisonné jewelry but I've not found any information on that to confirm that this is a safe practice.  Has anyone here had any experience with this?  Do you recommend it, recommend…Continue

Started by Delia Stone. Last reply by Trish White Sep 6.

holding agents 7 Replies

I am wondering about using lily root powder in a holding agent for cloisonne wires on 3-d objects...I have only read a little about holding agents, and am not sure if you mix the powder into an existing binder or make your own by just mixing the…Continue

Started by Alicia Dolan. Last reply by Alicia Dolan Sep 5.

Thompsons Woodrow Red Cracking 4 Replies

Hello All,I have been having some trouble with cracking when layering Thompson's Woodrow Red over Orient Red (on copper), and am not sure why. According to their color charts, both are medium firing.I am torch firing....Pieces have a counter enamel…Continue

Started by Alicia Dolan. Last reply by Alicia Dolan Aug 27.

Painting Enamel Oil 2 Replies

Hi everyone.I am looking for an oil for painting enamels that stays open for about five days.I have used Thompsons oil but I absolutely dislike having to smoke the piece.I used Balls paint oil and though I like it , it is dry in a few hours and…Continue

Started by Hans Meevis. Last reply by Hans Meevis Aug 23.

On the subject of packing enameled jewelry and traveling to shows, sales 4 Replies

I have been using small plastic jewelry baggies to put each enameled piece in for travel.This entails hours of set up time when you sell lots of earrings and small pins, etc.I am brainstorming and sketching to build a system of pockets with felt…Continue

Tags: jewelry, portable, case, enameled, with

Started by lindsey owen. Last reply by Kathy Johnson Aug 19.

Enamelists of Berlin Germany 2 Replies

I'm on my way to Berlina nd would love to meet up! ANyone around  in August 2014?   I will be back again and again...See you soon!Continue

Started by june jasen. Last reply by june jasen Aug 11.

Bright reds, transparent and opaque 6 Replies

Hello, I am seeking a bright red that does not darken.  Any product, transparent and/or opaque.  I have used Thompson's Orient and Woodrow Red but would like brighter reds.  I understand that red can be a difficult color.Thank you,Mary RoseContinue

Started by Mary Rose. Last reply by Mary Rose Aug 9.


"Art is not what you see but what you make others see" Edgar Degas


These featured selections of Enamel Art are from our Members.


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ON THE TRIVET.... insights and information



Khanda Sword Hilt 

  • Dated: late 17th/early 18th century 
  • Culture: Indian, Mughal
  • Measurements: 9¾ inch (24.8cm) long 

Made in parts, the surfaces of the hilt are extremely elegantly enamelled with a lively design of animals and floral motifs in a wide range of colours. The underside of the quillon, finial and outside of the handguard have diamond inset floral sprays on red or green enamelled ground while the lower mount with beautifully modelled elephant heads supporting the quillons.




CIRCA 1770


CIRCA 1800


How Silver is Used as a Catalyst?

A catalyst is a substance that facilitates a chemical process without undergoing change itself. In fact, without catalysts many chemical reactions would proceed so slowly that for all practical purposes, they wouldn’t occur at all.

Finely-divided silver when heated with oxygen forms silver oxide. Silver oxide breaks apart into the elements at the ethylene oxide formation temperature of 200 degrees C. The oxygen then reacts with the ethylene and the silver turns back into finely-divided silver. Taking advantage of the chemistry of silver oxide formation and its ability to break apart to produce reactive oxygen has been found to be the best way to
make ethylene oxide. The silver remains unchanged and acts as the catalyst in the reaction. Most ethylene oxide, or EO as it’s often called,

is used to make ethylene glycol which accounts for most of the world’s EO consumption. Ethylene glycol, in turn, is used to produce many products including polyester fibers for clothes and carpets, plastics, solvents and other chemicals, and even antifreeze formulations. By itself, EO is used to sterilize many health-care products and medical instruments, including delicate electronic or optical tools, which would be harmed by the high heat or radiation sterilization processes. EO is also used to accelerate the aging of tobacco leaves, as a fungicide, and even as a preservative for spices.

Another catalyst use for silver is to produce formaldehyde, which is the key ingredient in some plastics and synthetic fabrics, and is also used as a major component of plywood, building insulation, and embalming fluid. Watered-down solutions of formaldehyde are used as a disinfectant agent because they kill bacteria and fungi. Small amounts of formaldehyde derivatives are used in cosmetics and other products to keep them germ free.

About 90 percent of silver used as an industrial catalyst is for producing ethylene oxide from ethylene. More than 130 million ounces of silver are currently employed to produce ethylene oxide.

Researchers continually are experimenting with using silver as a catalyst in producing other chemical compounds with the goal of lowering production costs by speeding up processes or allowing chemical reactions to occur with less input of heat or use of extreme environments.



                          SANDRA McEWEN


I was born and raised near Cleveland, Ohio.  Growing up, I was always into drawing, art and fantasy.  Loved D&D, and spent hours painting miniature armies of lead figurines.  My parents weren’t totally thrilled with me going to art school, but were very supportive.  I decided to meet them halfway and major in Illustration, figuring that one might be able to get a job in that field.

RISD had a really wonderful foundation program, and I spent a lot of time focusing on the basics- classical drawing, painting, and design.  I spent my junior year abroad in Rome, basically just drawing, looking at all the cool stuff, and reading about history.  I thought I’d love illustration, but it never really clicked with me.  When I got back my senior year, I fell into a bit of a funk about it.  During the winter session, I randomly picked a stained glass class, and it was a revelation.  I think what I was missing was the actual making of things.  Drawing and design was fun, but there was nothing better than actually building something out of raw bits of glass and lead. 

After graduation, I focused on leaded glass.  I went back to Italy and did a stained glass apprenticeship in Siena.  We did a lot of restoration work and painted glass panels.  When I got back, I moved to Raleigh NC (for the weather!) and got a rather short-lived job in a stained glass shop.  I also joined The Antfarm, which was a small local collective of artists working in an old run-down mill.  It was great to be around other artists doing a lot of different kinds of work- metal sculpture, wood working, printmaking, painting and jewelry.

Time passed- I got married, then divorced… A year or two later, I took a beginning jewelry class at Meredith College, and I liked it well enough.  Silver was fine, but I wanted color!  Then I took a cloisonné enamel class and it was love at first sight.  I can’t describe the joy I felt when I discovered enamels.  I bought myself a little kiln (which I still use!) and set it up in my kitchen and just started going crazy with it.  My good friend and fellow enamellist, Lillian Jones, was my lifeline.  I would constantly call her up and ask silly questions- “why are my enamels cloudy?”, “why does red hate silver so much?”, “What are these splotches?”…  (You know you’ve all asked those same questions).  Eventually, I started figuring it all out, and my technique started to improve.

That was a few years ago. Now I’ve got a lovely studio at Artspace in downtown Raleigh, a wonderful and supportive husband, and I’m still working on figuring out all those enamel questions.  It’s never boring- and always a fun challenge, and I look forward to many more happy years of enameling!



CALL FOR ENTRIES* Alchemy 3: Vision + Passion + Creation Building a new community with enamel, glass and metal



Marianne Hunter                                Jennifer Park


Juried Exhibitions


The exhibitions will travel in 2015 – 2016 to:


Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA • Summer 2015

Worcester Center for Crafts, Worcester, MA • Fall 2015

NH League of Craftsmen, Concord, NH • Winter 2016

McGowan Fine Art, Concord, NH • Winter 2016


*All entries must be submitted online by 12 noon E.S.T. on Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014




15th Biennial International Juried Enamel Exhibition & 11th International Juried Student Exhibition – General Information


Submission Deadline: Nov. 12, 2014


Acceptance notification: Jan. 30, 2015


Exhibitions open during the Enamelist Society Biennial Conference at Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA and travel to Worcester, MA and Concord, NH.


Prospectus and submission


Entry fees: Member $35 — Non-Member $45 Student $15 (must be enrolled in a degree granting university or school)


Exhibition Jurors: Martha Banyas, Jim Malenda & Vera Siemund.


Cash awards will be given to exceptional works in both the international and student exhibitions.


Questions, please contact the Enamelist Society office:


Phone: 770-807-0142




PO Box 920220, Norcross, GA 30010  USA




Grab your Hats!

The bus is leaving! 

We are headed to the

Glass Factories of Agra, India

You will never think of Glass in the same way again-

Praise to the hard workers of India!

Here is your ticket to ride:


sent in from:

Meghan Salgaonkar, India  

Kecskemét, Hungary

The 40th International Symposium of Enamel Art 2014

23.06.2014 – 20.07.2014





3rd Dutch Biennial Exhibition

October, 26 2014 –November, 30 2014

The theme is “BLUE”

Vernissage / Opening; October, 26 2014 at 14.00 hours;    

 Location: Kempenhof

    Address: Valkenhof/Kempenhof

        Antwerpsebaan 3 – 5554 JV

           Valkenswaard – The Netherlands.


Dear Artists,

Due to improved cost factors I have been able to lower prices for the 3rd Dutch Biennial in 2014.

I have also made a differentiation in the costs for members and non-members of the CKI.

The prices are now 45,00 Euros for non CKI members and 35,00 Euros for CKI members.

In this price is included a catalogue  which will be handed out during the opening of the exhibition.

 Please find attached the new entry form for your info and participation.

Hope to see on the opening day.

Kind regards,

Mary Mulder









2015 NICHE Awards Guidelines

Entries for the 2015 NICHE Awards will be accepted from
April 14, 2014, to August 18, 2014.

The NICHE Awards competition is open to professional craft artists ages 21 and older who reside in America or Canada and are actively involved in the design and production of craft work supplied to galleries and/or craft stores. All work must have been made and finished in the United States or Canada. Work produced or finished in secondary studios in other countries may not be submitted.

The NICHE Awards Student competition is open to any craft student attending an American or Canadian undergraduate, graduate or certificate arts program, and the work itself must have been produced in the United States or Canada while the student was attending the arts program. Student artists may enter as a student for up to one (1) year after graduation; however, the work submitted must have been produced while an artist was still a student.

The 2015 NICHE Awards competition seeks NEW WORK in all categories, whether student or professional.  Submitted work must have been designed, produced or introduced afterOctober 1, 2013 to be eligible. Work previously submitted to the competition will not be accepted. All work must be designed and made by the artist or a collaboration of artists, with all collaborators identified.

and the WINNER IS.............

JUDY STONE - Burnt Offerings - Hermione 3

Metal: Enameled/Professional



and... the Finalists




Chaya Caron - Eastern Star Flower w/Stand


SARAH PERKINS - Red Moss Container


CYNTHIA MILLER - Stormy Seashore in 12 panels

I would recommend to everyone to click on the link below and look at all the fabulous artists in so many different medias. Its mind boggling!!!



The Saul Bell Design Award for 2014 is a jewelry design competition that challenges jewelry artists to push the limits of jewelry design and imagination. Choose from among seven categories and create a piece that tells a story, states your vision and encompasses the depth of your skill. Innovate. Play. Entertain & surprise us all!

                             1st Place Award in Enamels


Freedom, California



2nd Place Winner

Artem Kutyrev

Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation

Luminous Ring- Mandarin Fish

To view all the metalsmith artist winners just click here:

Incredible Artists!!!!






We're looking for a few great jewelry pieces!

The Art Jewelry staff is hard at work getting three galleries of work together for our next additions to the Art Jewelry Techniques app -- we want to show beginner jewelry makers what results are possible with masterful and creative application of some basic jewelry-making skills. Right now, we're looking at work that highlights the following techniques:

  • Texturing (This can be anything from hammered texture to scribed texture, to roll-printing. As long as your metal surface is rich and dimensional!)

  • Dapping and Swaging

  • Sawing and Piercing

Obviously, these are huge fields -- so there's lots of room for artists who experiment with new ways to produce the results they desire. We're going to narrow the field down to nine select jewelry pieces for each gallery.

Submit your work: Three categories, three editors!

Submit your Texturing images to Annie Pennington

Submit your Dapping/Swaging images to Theresa Abelew

Submit your Sawing/Piercing images to Hazel Wheaton

Hazel Wheaton
Editor, Art Jewelry



FOR THOSE OF YOU unfamiliar with this technique of Enamel Art


PLEASE allow me to re-introduce Master Artist







Mauricette Pinoteau is an enamelist living in Limoges. She specializes in  relief  technique, she learned this technique at the very famous " Atelier Camille Fauré "in Limoges ,during the 70's .
Mauricette is one of the only two living enamelists  that  studied  with  the  Masters  the secret  of  the  relief  technique.
Today she masters this almost magical style of enameling wich seems to defy the logic of enamelling.
She works and sells her work in her own gallery in the same town of Limoges.


Mauricette has provided us with a file to watch how this technique is done. 


Also,  go to Notebook 1, "Fauré Techniques" to read all about Camille Fauré and his studio.















     Czech Republic




$1.00 is all it takes to support the web site.
Thank you for your contribution!




GOLD - $1,266.80
PLATINUM - $1,412
SILVER- $19.33


Check the Workshop Center tab for links to the schedules of more artist workshops in your area….

ANNE HAVEL Workshops 

September 6-7    Some Like it Hot:  Torch-fired Enamels

Peters Valley19 Kuhn Road, Layton, NJ 07851

T - 973-948-5200


October 25 & 26, 2014  Let's Sugar Coat This: Torch-fired Enameling

92nd St Y

1395 Lexington Ave

NY, NY 10128

Visit Blog Posts for more details




Sept. 2014

Beginners Enameling




SEPT. 22-26

Workshop at Genevieve Flynn Studios, Kansas City Missouri


OCT. 10-12 - The Guilded Lynx, Ridgefield, CT



Boise, Idaho

Enameling Classes starting in June, 2014





Ridgefield, CT

Intro to Eameling with Lessley Burk -

Sept. 2-Oct. 7, 2014 - 203-431-2400




Nov. 8.9.10, 2014

March 21, 22,23, 2015

Cloisonné Workshops






A Quest for the Best

The 33rd Annual Smithsonian Craft Show 2015
April 22, 2015 to April 26, 2015
National Building Museum, 401 F St., NW, Washington DC

TIME OUT......

Places to go-People to see!




June 13-15
Laurel Park,Laurel, MD


Watauga Festival Center
426 Watauga Rd.
Franklin, NC
The Newark Museum
49 Washington St.
Newark, NJ
A permanent exhibition of masterworks from the museums's extensive jewelry holdings dating back from the early 1700's to 2011.



Liza Nechamkin -

hand spun copper and fine silver bowls - hand made chasing tools.


 Medium temp/medium expansion

Most colors in stock 10% discount to GOG Members
 if you buy from Jean!

A donation will be made to GOG with every purchase.

Use Etsy code gog10 at checkout

Ships in 24 hrs

Contact: Jean Van Brederode, Thompson distributor

Phone: 717-919-7444




A dvd using a rare and beautifull technique that chris hierholzer has developed using sgrafitto with fine gold foil using a torch to fire instead of a kiln. the enamel is wet packed. it has lots of intructional and easy to read text and limited audio with optional torch set ups at the end.

 Torch firing is a perfect way to fire enamels for those with limited space and can't afford the high cost of a kiln.

click on: Ganoksin

or order through:

 coral shaffer
enamelwork supply co.
1 800 596 3257
1 206 525 9271



Thompson's Vintage

Milton Bridge


Mention Grains of Glass when ordering-


Pam East's Enameling on Silver Clay DVD


Hauser & Miller Inc.

Hauser and MillerBi-metal Sheet and Discs


A layer of 18k gold alloy with a rich yellow color or 22k gold alloy with a bright yellow color is bonded with sterling silver to form two distinct surfaces. The 18k gold layer is similar to that of most gold-filled products, while the 22k is two to three times thicker than gold-filled, giving it more workability. Surface treatments, such as engraving, scraping, folding, and twisting, can be used to accent the two surfaces.


Contact us: Hauser & Miller, 1-800-462-7447,


A Safe Way to Pickle!




DVD by Jim Lawson

Lapidary Journal


2012 Jewelers Guide to Treated and Created Gems





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