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Torch Firing - Chapter #11


Torch Firing - Chapter #11

The technique of fusing glass enamel onto metal with the use of an Acetylene, Propane, or Natural Gas torch.

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Studio Set-up 20 Replies

My set-up is by no means the 'best' way to set-up a torch firing space; but, given how little information is out there on torch firing, I thought I would share what I have.  The first picture is my enameling and firing station set-up. I am planning…Continue

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Earring posts 3 Replies

Hi all - Looking for advice/help. I have a commission to do 2 sets of enameled earrings that are post-type. I've tried to solder, then enamel, but the sterling silver post can't take the heat and melts off. FYI-am using a torch to fire my enamel…Continue

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Thompsons Leaded Enamels for Raku Effect

From Schlaifers Enamel web site - sent in by Pam TimmI have found that in order to manipulate the "silver glass" or Double Helix brand glass you need to use a reducing flame - meaning low oxygen - in order to get the desired effect. If the flame is…Continue

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Torch firing article in Glass on metal Magazine. 1 Reply

In the issue Volume 31, No. 1 Februar 2011  an article is printed in question "Torch firing Enamel", An Easy, Affordable Way to Enamel for Beginners and Experienced Enamelers, by Tom Ellis.Glass on Metal is worldwide the only enamel- magazine . It…Continue

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Torchfiring Large Scale Outdoor Sculpture 1 Reply

Hi All,I have been asked by the local city beautification comittee to enamel a school of fish that will be installed over a dry creekbed running through a garden space. It is a very exciting opportunity and I am looking forward to preparing the…Continue

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Comment by Melodie Moshure on September 10, 2010 at 7:57pm
I've just started trying torch firing technique...and I have a picture of my first attempt on my page if you care to look at it...I tried to make it resemble colors in Monet's ponds. I was hooked...It's fun to watch the colors ripen (ha) as they finally cool because I keep adding the colors until I think the piece is where I want I have to have all the colors out and ready to use, placed in order in little ceramic trays, and keeping the metal hot all the time from start to least thats how I did these....Also I want to thank Tonya for giving me hints on floride free flux used in metalsmithing...(this flux is different from the one used in enameling)... I do use the bad stuff and have been cautious with it, but I think I will be getting her product...and greening up my studio.
Comment by Tonya Powell on September 11, 2010 at 9:52am
Thanks Melodie for the idea to post a comment here when you have posted a photo of a torch fired piece. Based on Melodie's suggestion, I have created a 'Torch Fired' photo album on 'My Page' if anyone is interested.
Comment by Mona Ledwin on September 24, 2010 at 9:40pm
Hi, I have just joined the torch firing group. I took a class from Mary Hettmansperger about a month ago and we had great fun in the class. I went right out and bought a torch and the complete sample set from Thompson's Enamel. I will post some pictures soon. I'm looking forward to seeing what this group creates.
Comment by Trish White on September 25, 2010 at 9:57am
Hi Mona,

Can't wait to see your work!
Comment by Tonya Powell on October 8, 2010 at 10:41am
Pam East has a great DVD on making enameled beads. Here is the link:

She also teaches this as a class at John C. Campbell Folk School. The next class is in December. Here is the link:
Comment by Lillian Jones on April 20, 2011 at 10:27am

Hi All,

I am a little confused about things.  Are there any articles on torch firing here on GOG?  I assume this is a discussion group focused on this:  I have been trying to work out torch fired cloisonne on silver, and it work great except I have one (big) problem.  I need to fire on the counter-enamel without messing up my front silver surface.  I should add that I fuse the silver first to give it a bright finish, and direct torching after dulls it.  I've tried torching the counter enamel from above, but it balls up and crawls.  My next experiment is to try torching it on a titanium sheet, see if that protects the shiny surface. Any ideas?

Comment by Trish White on April 20, 2011 at 10:34am
Comment by Melodie Moshure on April 20, 2011 at 11:15am

Hi Lillian,

When I've done torch firing I've kept the surfaces hot suspended by a mandrel through a small hole. then dipped the surfaces  into the powdered enamel. BUT this was with copper...and with I'm wondering what would happen with fine silver and clear enamel...and I'm wondering if the fines would need to be eliminated. I look forward to hearing about using titanium sheet. The cloisonne pieces I've done on fine silver I fire in the kiln, washing the fines out of the clear and wet packing the front first to maintain the real shiny surface...

Comment by Tonya Powell on April 20, 2011 at 6:24pm

Hi Lillian,

There are a a few articles posted as part of other discussion threads.  I included this one in my Studio Set-up discussion: Deb Lozier Publication on

The problem is that there is very little written anywhere.  I got the most information out of the Torch Firing Workshop with Deb Lozier last summer @ Thompson Enamel.  I asked Deb about additional written resources; and, she was not aware of any either. 


It would seem that an approach that should work is to counter enamel first; and, then, fuse your silver from the bottom, applying the flame to the already fused counter enamel.  A torch flame can be applied direclty to a fused layer of enamel; although, you should be aware that the proximity of the flame, the intensity of the flame, and the length of time that the flame is in contact with the enamel could affect the color of the counter enamel ( I have some examples of this affect which I will post to my photo album).  


Please let me know how things work out.



Also, you got the correct result when firing above the enamel powder.  A torch flame can only be applied directly to a fully fused layer of enamel.


My only other thought is to try apply a light coating of a paste heat shield. Firescoff, Silver Prep, or something similar to the fused silver side.  Firescoff or Silver Prep may be the better route as the heat shield paste may prevent you from getting sufficient heat to fuse the counter enamel.

Comment by Tonya Powell on April 20, 2011 at 6:38pm


Here are the links (they are posted in my 'Torch Fired photo album) to the two pairs of earring whose counter enamel was torch fired.  I mention in the description which one was fired with a close and intense flame which cause variation in the counter enamel.


Hoopla Earring with torch fired counter enamel

Hoopla 2 Earring with torch fired counter enamel


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