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Note from Chris:

"You don't want to over fire if you want clarity of line..

also,  graphite will work on any light opaque and on transparetns..

if you over fire, the enamel will start distorting the graphite and become absorbed

by the enamel... some would like this effect!"



I also use ninamiya enamels,which are leaded enamels, with these tutorials..I also wears IR glasses shade 3 and a respirator..all these items are available
phone#1800 596 3257...coral shaffer


Note: A torch can be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot. It is a MAP Gas Kit and uses a disposable gas cyclinder. The tip is standard with the kit. I also use an acetylene with the same results with a #3 torch tip.


Let's begin -

The End


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Fabulous Tutorial!  Thanks Trish for posting and Chris for creating!

Thanks Tonya,

It has been a laborious job for both of us - and its nice to hear the feedback!

This is a very interesting process. 2 questions, can this be done in a kiln as well as a torch and what kind of pencils do you recomend?

Any graphite , pencil, mechanical or otherwise can be used . Chris uses a sharpened carpenters pencil sometimes.

Yes, this process can be done in a kiln.

Thanks Trish , this is a wonderful turtorial. I can't wait to try it.


Great tutorial and beautiful enamels, thank you.



Would LOVE to see the second to the last picture close-up.  Thank-you for the info!

Is white flux just white enamel?

Chris, Would you share the brand name and number of white flux?  It's not something I have come across.  Thanks.

Is any pencil graphite?  Are there non-graphite pencils?

Vera..for #2 tutorial on graphite on enamel i used Ninomiya leaded L-101 white..the flux underneath was N-1. If you prefer to use unleaded then Thompson's 1010 white with a hard flux[2040] underneath will work....have fun. chris

Hi Chris, really enjoy this set of tutes.  Does the copper really need the hard flux under it? Hard white I would think is enough. Also, did you ever use Velvet etching or glass etching cream on enamels? I have, and got controlled areas of matte vs gloss after a last firing. Maybe the etch matte would work. I have seen the etch for glass in local chain of craft stores for etching glassware. Anything I can do not to have to hand stone or wet/dry sand is good for me. Not sure if can neutralize it sufficiently to make it fire correctly. But I know it leaves the 'tooth' needed to mark on with pencil.


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